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Game type Video slots
Paylines: 9 lines
Max. Bet: 90
Reels: 5 reels
Features: 5 reels | Bonus Rounds | Scatter Symbols | Wild symbols
Game theme: Money slots | Other slots

Want to play Video slots for free? Piggy Slots are here to help. This Other slots game is called Wheel of Fortune. Game can be described as 5 reels, Bonus Rounds, Scatter Symbols, Wild symbols. Game is developed by IGT Software. Play Wheel of Fortune right now - it is free!

Crack Open Your Fortune NOW!

Now if you have been looking up the web for an absolutely sensational pokies slot, we have the game for you! Piggy Slots fetches you the incredible Wheel of fortune pokies game which is certainly a gem. Since the slotting game is a formulation of IGT Soft’s, you will definitely appreciate the fusion of sounds, graphics and interesting tidbits. Suggestive of the name, Wheel of fortune indeed has a fortune stowed under its wake which awaits your gracious presence to be taken away!

Icons & Symbols of Pure Royalty

How does it seen to be swathed in pure royalty and extravagance? You will definitely feel the same and rule like a monarch while playing Wheel of fortune online. Take a trip on your cruise ship while adorning your crown and get the treasures. All the mentioned aspects are portrayed on this 9 realer slot with fine 9 lines to place bets. So if you have the utmost craving for a super duper jackpot, come right inside and begin twirling the spools of Wheel of fortune.

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