Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy outlines the specific details as to how PiggySlots collects and treats the personal information of its users. All users of must take notice of the following Privacy Policy, which was created to expressly demonstrate PiggySlots’ commitment to your safety and privacy.

General Policy and Information

  • PiggySlots reserves the right to amend or edit this Privacy Policy at any time.  In the event of major changes, every effort will be made to inform users of this change using a notice on our homepage.
  • Persons under eighteen (18) years of age, or under the legal gambling age in their jurisdiction, whichever is greater, are prohibited from using the services of PiggySlots.  We neither actively nor purposefully collect personal information from minors.  If you are a parent of a minor who has used this site, please, contact us so that we may proceed to delete this information and/or notify any relevant third parties.

Collection, Use, and Disclosure of Personal Information

  • PiggySlots collects personal information from its users, both directly during sign-up, and indirectly through anonymous methods during browsing.
  • Personal information is used for the customization of advertising, the fulfillment of user requests and/or for contact purposes, for the improvement of services, for research purposes, and for unnamed reporting to various clients.
  • The personal data entered on this site may be changed by the user at any time.
  • PiggySlots reserves the right to keep personal data in our archives if the user’s account has been deleted or deactivated for any reason.
  • PiggySlots may occasionally share your personal data with trusted partners. This sharing is governed by strict confidentiality agreements. Our trusted partners are prohibited from redistributing your personal information to additional parties, except where required by law.
  • PiggySlots will disclose your personal information upon reception of any court order to that effect or under any circumstances where required by law.
  • In the event that PiggySlots becomes acquired by another company, all personal user data will be shared with the said company. In the case of the acquisition of PiggySlots by another company, users shall be informed of any updates to the current Privacy Policy.
  • When users interact with advertising on our site (for example, by clicking a hyperlink), this information will be collected by our advertising partners, who will in turn use it to determine future ads to promote to you, and in aggregate form for marketing control purposes.

 and Security

  • User data will not be available to employees of PiggySlots except where such access is necessary for the accomplishment of an employee’s work within the company.
  • PiggySlots uses up-to-date technology to protect user information from loss and outside attacks.
  • User accounts at PiggySlots are protected by a user-selected password.

Web Logs and Browser Statistics/ Cookies Policy

  • In order to improve our service, PiggySlots regularly collects information from your computer, including your IP address and browser statistics. These are used in aggregate form only by our administrator.
  • PiggySlots’ users will receive cookies from both the site and from third parties. These cookies are used to facilitate future browsing and logins, to memorize user preferences, and to optimize advertising content.
  • You may choose not to receive cookies from PiggySlots or third parties by adjusting your browser’s cookies settings; however, this may result in a less-than-optimal experience on the site. You can learn more about cookies at


  • In no way PiggySlots can guarantee the accuracy of any information found on this site. It is entirely the responsibility of the user to discern the validity of any information before taking action on it.
  • PiggySlots reserves the right to modify without notice any of the site’s content.


  • As a good-will gesture, PiggySlots provides an open line of communication for the settlement of any player disputes.
  • No party may offer financial compensation for these dispute resolution services.

Please contact us if you do not wish to receive emails from PiggySlots.

For more information concerning our Privacy Policy, please contact us using the contact link on our site.