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Game type Classic slots Fruit slots
Paylines: 1 lines
Max. Bet: 3
Reels: 3 reels
Features: 3 reels
Game theme:

Want to play Fruit slots for free? Piggy Slots are here to help. This game is called Gold Rush Slot. Game can be described as 3 reels. Game is developed by WGS Software. Play Gold Rush Slot right now - it is free!

Biggest Rush for Gold Ever!

Here you have an amazing way of gunning for gold via Piggy Slots. We present the all-new Gold Rush Slot which has been creating waves in the slotting industry. Brainchild of the WGS Soft’s Co, this slot is engineered to take you to another level of gaming. Keeping busy with a slot is simply passé and filling your wallets with cash is easer done than said with the brilliant Gold Rush Slot. Besides boasting of stupendous graphics, melodious sounds and an easy interface, this game will set you free for good!

Bring on the Sifting Pans

Get ready to sift pure gold with Gold Rush Slot right away. You can make a quick buck by twirling the classy three reels and bet as much as you like for the main pot. Playing is straightforward and winning is even simpler here. Do not let the simplicity of Gold Rush Slot deceive you as there are lots and pots of gold waiting for you. Try this one out at leisure and snatch the largest riches of Piggy Slots today!

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