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Game type Progressive slots Video slots
Paylines: 25 lines
Max. Bet: 125
Reels: 5 reels
Features: 5 reels | Bonus Rounds | Multiplier Symbols | Scatter Symbols | Wild symbols
Game theme: Egyptian slots

Want to play Video slots for free? Piggy Slots are here to help. This Egyptian slots game is called Mega Moolah. Game can be described as 5 reels, Bonus Rounds, Multiplier Symbols, Scatter Symbols, Wild symbols. Game is developed by Microgaming Software. Play Mega Moolah right now - it is free!

Rake in the Big Moolah!

Literally speaking, moolah means money and this is exactly what Piggy Slots brings to all its patrons. Mega Moolah is a stupendous game which will make you set upon a quest for the hidden money. Microgaming is an impressive casino software maker, and this company is responsible in originating this game. The initial backdrop might not be suggestive to the game’s Egyptian theme but slowly lowers itself in the following levels. Mega Moolah is suitable to both, new and professional players at large.

Survey the Ancient Humanity

Get ready to barge into the ancient pyramids and plunder all the riches in store. The Mega Moolah has surprises in every nook and corner of the fabulous 5 reels and 25 lines kept in place for betting. As it is with contemporary slotters, this machine also enjoys a host of scatter and wilds for the player. No need of beating around the bush anymore since Mega Moolah is totally free of charge. Play and win away today!

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